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The Adoption Community of New England (ACONE) was founded in 1967 in Massachusetts as the Open Door Society. ACONE has always been committed to the right of every child to a safe and permanent home and to helping all persons touched by adoption to feel empowered. ACONE is not a child placement service rather it educates, supports, and advocates on behalf of all members of the adoption triad: birth parents, adoptive parents, and adoptees. It assists members through all stages of their adoption-related experience by means of seminars, workshops, support groups, policy statements, legislative advocacy, and other measures. ACONE also works cooperatively with adoption professionals and agencies to accomplish these goals.

If you have been touched by adoption or foster care, or would like to learn more about them, you have come to the right place- ACONE is here to support you!

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Please bookmark this site and check back often. New information continues to be added as the content of this website is updated. 

Exciting Updates to ACONE

Recently ACONE has gone through a major transition- We are extremely pleased to announce that ACONE has become a program of Robert F. Kennedy Children's Action Corps, a Massachusetts non-profit organization established in 1969 to honor the legacy of Robert F. Kennedy. Please explore the website to learn about the organization's many programs and services. http://www.rfkchildren.org

The ACONE Board of Directors worked long and hard to ensure that, although ACONE could no longer continue as an independent non-profit organization, ACONE's programs would find a new home that would embrace its mission and strive to meet the needs of everyone touched by adoption. ACONE, Inc. petitioned to dissolve the non-profit organization, and requested that ACONE's programs and assets become the property of RFK Children's Action Corps. This fall, the Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court approved the petition, and ACONE, Inc. has been dissolved.

RFK Children's Action Corps' plans to rejuvenate ACONE's library, groups, and classes are well underway! ACONE's location will be in new RFKChildren’s Action Corps office/meeting space at 36 Knox Trail on the Concord-Acton line, with a planned occupation of the very near future.. Although RFK Children’s Action Corps' adoption programs - ACONE and Bright Futures Adoption Center - will be co-located in this new space, ACONE will function independently of Bright Futures. ACONE will have an Advisory Council to provide guidance and support concerning programming and services, as well as to help ACONE part-time staff respond to questions.

Continue to check in with us as we grow and expand programming and groups.

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